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Step into a realm where chicken and beef aren’t just meats, but an elevated culinary experience. From Uganda's heartlands to plates across Africa, our sausages redefine taste and quality.

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Whether minced sausage, delightful links, or scrumptious patties, we provide a gourmet selection, unparalleled in its uniqueness.


From breakfast delights to dinner favorites, our sausages bring a touch of gourmet to every dish. Discover recipes curated with love and a dash of
African magic.

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Why UboraSafi?

  • Focused Excellence: Specializing in chicken and turkey for unmatched quality.

  • Innovation: Introducing minced sausages and patties to Uganda.

  • Commitment: Halal-certified and artisan crafted.

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Let's talk sausage, and yes, we sprinkle our chats with humor too